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Allied Lomar / Olde St Nick

“Olde St. Nick” (a.k.a. “Olde St. Nick Distillery”) was the business name Marci (Tyson) Palatella, a California businesswoman and wife of 49er NFL legend Lou Palatella, used when she started purchasing premium aged bourbon stocks and having them bottled under her own labels in the 1980s. Her original brands were “Lucky Strike”, and “Cock of the Walk” and she later added “Cousin Elvis” followed shortly by “Legends of the Wild West”, “The Original Cowboy”, and “Jazz Club”. (Note: I’m still looking for the distiller/bottlers behind these early brands. If you know, let me know!)

By the late 1990s, most of the early brands had been abandoned, the business had been incorporated under the name “Allied Lomar”, and newer high-end brands such as Olde St. Nick, Very Olde St. Nick, Rare Perfection, Pure Antique and American Cowboy had been introduced for export. The marketing on these newer brands was a significant step-up with highly stylized labels, wax tops, and unique bottle designs. As with the earlier brands, Allied Lomar still didn’t make or bottle their own whiskies and relied almost entirely on contract distillers or bottlers such as Julian Van Winkle III (Commonwealth) or Even Kulsveen (KBD/Willett) to source and bottle their products.

In 2015, Allied Lomar purchased a farm in Bardstown, Kentucky and renovated it into a new distillery named “Preservation Distillery”.

The known list of brands sold by Olde St. Nick / Allied Lomar are:

  • ALLIED LOMAR INC. (trading name)
  • COCK OF THE WALK (early OSN label)
  • COWBOY LITTLE BARREL (trading name)
  • COUSIN ELVIS (early OSN label)
  • DAKOTA DISTILLERS (trading name)
  • JAZZ CLUB (early OSN label)
  • LEGENDS OF THE WILD WEST (early OSN label)
  • LUCKY STRIKE (early OSN label)
  • OLD COWBOY DISTILLING CO. (trading name)
  • OLDE ST. NICK DISTILLERS (business name, later used as brand)
  • OUTLAW DISTILLING CO. (trading name)
  • PURE ANTIQUE (bottled by KBD/Willett)
  • STITZEL DISTILLING CO. (trading name)
  • THE ORIGINAL COWBOY (trading name)
  • USA BASEBALL (trading name)
  • WATTIE BOONE DISTILLERS (trading name)


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