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Luxco Brands

The following brands are currently, or once were, bottled by Luxco. Historically, all these brands used whiskey stocks sourced from other distilleries. Luxco opened their own distillery, Lux Row Distillers, in 2018 with the intention of moving off externally sourced product for their major brands. BellowsBourbon SupremeBower HillBrookside ReserveBurke & …

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Diageo Assumed Names

Diageo has bottled under the following brand names : AMERICAN ANTHEM CO. (trading name)BERHEIM DISTILLING COMPANY (trading name)BLADE AND BOW (trading name)BOOTH’S DISTILLERY (trading name)BOOTH’S DISTILLERY (USA) (trading name)CALIFRESCA COCKTAIL COMPANY (trading name)CAPTAIN MORGAN RUM COMPANY (trading name)CARIOCA RUM CO. (trading name)CASCADE DISTILLERY (trading name)CASCADE DISTILLING COMPANY (trading name)CASCADE HOLLOW …

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Buffalo Trace / Age International / Sazerac Assumed Names

The following brand names were used by Buffalo Trace to bottle products for themselves or under contract for partners: 375 PARK AVENUE SPIRITS (trading name)A. SMITH BOWMAN DISTILLERY (trading name)AGE DISTILLING COMPANY (trading name)AGE DISTILLING COMPANY (trading name)ANCIENT AGE DISTILLING CO. (trading name)ANCIENT AGE DISTILLING COMPANY (trading name)ANCIENT AGE DISTILLING …

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Heaven Hill Assumed Names

Heaven Hill bottled the following brands for themselves or under contract: 905 DISTILLED PRODUCTS CO. (trading name)A. R. MORROW (trading name)ADMIRAL NELSON’S RUM CO. (trading name)ADMIRAL NELSON’S RUM COMPANY (trading name)ADMIRAL NELSON’S RUMS, LTD. (trading name)AGUA LUCA SPIRITS, LTD (trading name)ALIBI DISTILLERY CO. (trading name)AMERICAN BIKER BOURBON (trading name)AMERICAN DISTILLED …

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